Why Choose Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a great way to manage your debts. It takes your existing credit cards, mortgage and other debts and rolls them into one easy repayment so you don’t need to juggle multiple bills.
No impact on your credit score

Get Stressful debt under control

With a busy lifestyle, many of our ALC clients love knowing that they only have to worry about one single repayment. For a stress-less way to manage your finances.

why choose debt consolidation

Reasons to Consolidate Debt

There are a number of reasons why you should consider combining multiple debts into a single repayment package. For some, it can simply be to make managing your finances easier. Having only 1 repayment to make each month is far more practical and having multiple. For others, debt consolidation can be an opportunity to change the terms of your loans. You might want to make lower repayments each month and take longer to pay your debt off, or larger monthly repayments where your debt can be paid off faster. Or maybe you are hoping to take advantage of a lower interest rate by consolidating your debts.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation

reduce interest rates on credit cards and consider debt consolidation

Reduce Your Charges To Simplify Life

Debt is stressful. By using a debt consolidation loan you can combine all accumulated credit card debt into a single loan, payment and interest rate.

The biggest reason thousands of Australians have already considered debt consolidation to date is to save money. Since you’re consolidating your higher debt into a lower rate debt, you’re saving hundreds, if not thousands annually on your credit card bills.

For example, switching from an 11% card to a 9% debt consolidation loan can save you up to $200 per year from just one credit card. Do the same for five credit cards and you’ve just saved $1000 per year!

Debt Consolidation FAQs

By having a loan which can be more easily tracked and managed, you will be much less likely to miss repayments and default on your loans. As a result, you can expect to see an improvement to your credit score over time. If you already have a bad credit score, then you could still take advantage of bad credit debt consolidation.

Ease financial stress

With your debts under control, you can start to feel positive about your money again. Having only one repayment makes budgeting much easier and you can start to build towards a debt-free future!

Debt consolidation is designed to simplify your monthly repayments. With one debt consolidation loan you pay off multiple accounts, so with automatic withdrawals from bank accounts, bills and varying due dates, you save time and the task of organizing your finances becomes much easier.

All it takes it three credit cards close to their credit limit to ruin your credit file. Using a debt consolidation loan to combine those three cards into one loan rather than a maxed out credit card can even improve your credit score!

Less loans to manage + less to pay = Less stress!

We come to the rescue when banks can’t

We help thousands of Australians each year consolidate debts and get back on track with their finances. If you feel overwhelmed by credit card debt, our debt consolidation services can help. Contact a financial specialist today.

Even if you’ve been turned down for a debt consolidation loan through your bank, we can help. We provide funding to poor credit and no credit accounts.

Everyone deserves a chance to get back on track. Let Australian Lending Centre help you get back in control of your finances!.

Minimum payments don’t work. To pay down credit cards you need to put excessive amounts of money at a time on each card — something you don’t readily have. Eventually you’ll find yourself living pay cheque to pay cheque with no end in sight. That is, until you consider debt consolidation.

Australian Lending Centre offers a variety of debt consolidation solutions that can help pay down your credit cards and avoid the interest-gaining trap creditors’ use.