Ads for Short Term Loans Banned on Google

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According to recent settlements, Google have banned ads for Short Term Loans. The decision was triggered by the concern that these ads have a specific predatory nature. On that account, it has been established that the search engine will ban ads featuring loans for which the repayment is required within 60 days after the date of issue. But what is it that makes these loans far from the ideal choice for the Australian borrower?

The truth about short term loans

These short term loans stand under the question mark as they come with significant amounts of interest and are causing people to sink much deeper into debt. Consumer Action Law Centre has gladly received this establishment. However, there has been a range of inquiries regarding the way in which the mechanism will function.

For starters, Google has included an additional ban in the US for loans that are linked to an annualised percent that surpasses 36. However, after having agreed on that for the US the same mechanism was suggested to Jason Pellegrino, CEO of Google Australia. According to his affirmation, the same initiative that firstly emerged in the US will be extended to Australia as well, meaning that short term loans that have an annualised interest percent over 48. That initiative is expected to balance payday loans with the financial products from our country.

As made official by Google, this ban has come into force on the 13th of June, which has been the first time Google has taken the initiative by announcing a global ban for a broad range of financial products.

These short term loans, in line with the research conducted in this direction, indicate that, in most situations, they result in high default rates and unaffordable payment for users. The primary purpose is to protect each user from deceptive financial products and offers. Without fear of contradiction, this move won’t affect reliable and reputable banks and non bank lenders, such as the Australian Lending Centre, which provides a great variety of bad credit loans, debt consolidation loans, car loans, and etcetera.

The main reason people are lured into taking up payday loans is that they are presented to them in an attractive manner, similar to a quick, efficient fix to a complicated problem. As many people who are trying to make ends meet will assume that such a loan will put an end to their problems, they somehow fail to acknowledge that these loans are linked to high fees and charges, which will further get one in a vicious cycle of debt he/she cannot escape.

That’s why we recommend people who are in a difficult financial situation to steer clear of these payday loans, and opt for the guidance of a professional financial counsellor.

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