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Benefits of Refinancing

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Put Your Home Equity to Good Use

At the Australian Lending Centre we understand that people have different financial requirements. For this reason, we offer a host of different loan products for refinancing, from a variety of lenders so that we can best cater to each client’s individual needs.

If you’re buying a new home, purchasing an investment property or just refinancing to unlock home equity, our refinance consultants can help you quickly identify the best refinancing product on the market to help you achieve your goals in the soonest possible timeframe. The benefits of refinancing are endless. Find out how you could save money today.

benefits of refinancing pay for renovations

1. Lower repayments, lower interest rates or greater flexibility

If you need to refinance, a certified specialist at Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need to see if one of our refinance options is right for you. 

Refinancing your mortgage can allow you to put your home equity to good use, allowing you to access several benefits, including:

Refinancing gives you greater control over your finances. You can choose lower repayments, lower interest rates and change the main features of the home loan when you refinance.

2. Refinance to consolidate high interest rate debts

Refinancing allows you to consolidate debts like credit card debts, store card debts and personal loans. You can take care of your high-interest debts easily when you refinance your home loan.

benefits of refinancing pay for wedding
benefits of refinancing pay for surgery and medical bills

3. Save time by only making one repayment instead of several

If you choose a refinancing package that allows you to consolidate debts, you’ll be able to save time each month by making only one repayment instead of several.

4. Switch to or from a variable or fixed rate home loan

One of the great benefits of refinancing is that you can change the interest-rate terms. You may want to take advantage of a low variable rate, or lock in an interest rate you’re happy with by choosing a fixed rate.

benefits of refinancing take a holiday
benefits of refinancing buy a car

5. Access the equity in your home, to refinance:

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