Funding your Business can be Taxing!

Business Funding and Tax

Sooner or later all businesses need a short term business loan, whether it’s to get the operating capital for starting up a business, to finance a business expansion or even to pay pending bills such as wages or tax bills.

Regardless of where you go to apply for a short term business loan, the lender will have a set of expectations to qualify you for a loan. You can greatly increase your chances of successfully securing a short term business loan by being prepared to meet those expectations and choosing your lender wisely.

Short Term Business Loan

Applying for a short term business loan with the large bank institutions can mean you’re looking at costly delays and some hoop jumping before you receive the funds you probably need quite urgently. If you head to a non-bank lender, such as the Australian Lending Centre and apply for a private short term business loan you can have the money in your account before the week is out.

Australian Lending Centre has access to a large funding pool that allows us to facilitate business loans for a range of business and investment needs. We can approve business loans on the same day as your enquiry. We lend from as little as $10,000 and we get the money transferred to your account within hours, providing we are satisfied that you meet all documentation, loan suitability and ability-to-pay requirements at the time of application.

Now that another financial year has drawn to a close, it’s the time of year that most business owners dread most, tax time. If like many businesses you’re still recovering from the GFC, you’ll most likely need a cash injection to get through your end of financial year payments. Our short term business loans are ideal for situations like these, not to mention many more such as working capital, purchasing business supplies, business expansion or even the start up of a new business. Simply fill in the enquiry form to your right, or call us today on 1300 138 188 to enquire about a short term business loan that suits you.



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