Can I Get Dental Finance?

Dental treatments can be expensive and are often unplanned and urgent. Can you afford it? Find out your options and how you can get dental finance.
Can I Get Dental Finance

For many people in Australia, a visit to the dentist can be very overwhelming and the cost can make it even worse.

Even a dental check-up in New South Wales is likely to cost more than $100, so it is not surprising that one-third of people avoid or delay visiting the dentist because of the cost.

Yes, dental work is expensive, and if you don’t have emergency savings readily available then the idea of a trip to the dentist can be quite overwhelming. But your oral health is extremely important and dental concerns should never be ignored. If money is an obstacle then dental finance could be an opportunity for you. Regardless of how you afford it, you should always make sure to:

  1. React quickly to any dental-related issue.
  2. Choose the right dentist.

Why should I react quickly to dental issues?

The simple answer is that even the most minor dental problem could be a sign of something more serious. If left untreated, longer-term issues could arise; costing more money, or costing something more valuable – your livelihood.

Reacting quickly to a dental-related issue is not straightforward for a number of reasons. Some people find it difficult to find time in their busy schedules, some are afraid of the dentist and many struggle to afford the fees associated with dental work.

If you are unable to cover dental fees yourself then don’t put your health at risk. Apply for dental finance online with the Australian Lending Centre and we may be able to help.

what can dental loans be used for

How to choose the right dentist

When searching for the right dentist, it is always important to check for credibility, affordability and availability.

A good way to check for credibility is to research a clinic’s reviews online and see if others have said positive things about the place. Also, it’s a good idea to check that the clinic is accredited by the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

Affordability can be more difficult to work out due to the complexity and variability of dental procedures. No two people’s teeth are the same and therefore it can be hard to predict the exact price of a treatment. But many clinics do list an approximate price on their website or could give you an estimate before you commit to an appointment.

Availability is also another important factor because many dental clinics are extremely busy and may not have any available appointment times. If it’s emergency dental treatment that you require then it’s also worth looking for dentists that offer after-hours care.

Trusted Dentist in Sydney

Being based in Sydney ourselves, we recommend getting in touch with Paramount Dental Sydney. They are a trusted and reputable dental clinic located next to Hyde Park within Sydney’s CBD. Paramount Dental is accredited by the ADA and has over 200 five-star Google reviews. Their team of dentists is led by award-winning dental surgeon Dr Amrinder Oberoi. They offer a wide range of services from cosmetic dentistry to laser root canal and also offer emergency after-hours dental care.

How Much Does Dental Work Cost in New South Wales?

Many people are quite aware that dental work can be rather expensive. However, knowing exactly how much it can cost is important when looking at dental finance. Dental care will always vary.


In addition to the above prices, cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among the younger demographics. Cosmetic dentistry includes:

These costs are just rough estimates and do not include screening, consultation, or additional procedures. This is why so many people are in need of dental finance when it comes to solving their dental issues.

What Is Dental Finance?

Dental finance, also known as a dental loan, comes in the form of a personal loan. This loan is often used in order to pay for any dental work. This can often be either a secured or unsecured personal loan. You can choose to take out a dental loan to pay for the entire cost of dental treatment, or you can use a personal loan to fill the gap.

Dental finance can make your life a lot easier when you need urgent dental care but do not have the funds available.

what can dental loans be used for

What Can Dental Loans Be Used For?

Dental finance is most often used to finance a range of different dental procedures. This includes cosmetic dental, general dental, and even orthodontic treatments. For example, it can always help to fund both repairs and fillings, dentures, root canals, dental implants, braces, veneers, or even teeth whitening.

Dental finance doesn’t just need to be for emergencies. It is for any sort of dental care.

How Does Dental Finance Work?

Dental finance works the same way that pretty much any personal loan does. They are repaid with a certain amount of interest over a fixed period of time. Often, they may come with some sort of monthly service fee, establishment fee, or early repayment fee.

To be eligible for a dental loan, you will need to be 18 years older, an Australian resident and may need to meet certain income requirements. You will also need to consider if you are able to afford the repayments on a personal loan before you actually apply for one. Failing to make loan repayments can negatively impact your credit score.

How Can I Compare My Dental Loan Options?

If you are wondering which type of finance may be the right option for your individual needs, here’s what you will need to consider:

  • You will need to consider if you can afford the loan. Will it be in your budget or will you struggle to make the repayments? If you think you will have a hard time struggling with repayments, maybe a dental finance loan won’t be the best option.
  • You will need to think about what the loan will cost you. Consider interest rates and the true cost of the loan.
  • Will the loan cover your entire dental cost or only some of it? You will need to consider the minimum and maximum borrowing amounts. This will help you figure out whether or not you will be able to cover your dental bill with the loan you take out.
  • Are you eligible for the loan? You will need to look at all of the requirements for the borrower to understand whether or not you should apply for the loan. Do you meet the criteria and is your credit score good? If not, you may want to consider a bad credit loan or try to repair your credit score first.
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The Bottom Line

Dental finance is a great option if you are in need of dental care that you can’t afford. After all, you can’t just leave your dental issues and hope that they fix themselves because they never will. If you are in need of dental care right now and your financial position won’t allow you to receive this care, you should consider dental finance as an option.

Now is a better time than ever to get your dental needs seen to. If your finances are concerning at the moment and you need help with dental finance, you should speak to the friendly, experienced team at Australian Lending Centre.

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