Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts 2021

Mother's Day is almost here! Need inspiration? On a tight budget? Find the 10 best cheap Mother's Day gifts in 2021 here and make it a day to remember.
Cheap Mother's Day Gifts 2021

The 9th of May is fast approaching. If you are a son or daughter or the father of young children you will need to find a suitable present for Mum. Are you on a tight budget? The great news is that, if you are looking for cheap Mother’s Day gifts, 2021 is probably going to be as good a year as any to find bargains. Shops are desperate for things to get back to normal again, so promotions are everywhere!

With this in mind, we thought you might like a little help in choosing a reasonably priced gift. So, below we have put together a selection of our top 10 cheap Mother’s Day gifts that will hopefully be affordable and special.

1. A Piece Of Jewellery To Wear

Most mums enjoy wearing a piece of jewellery such as a bracelet, necklace or a pair of earrings. Yes, you can spend thousands of dollars buying a piece of jewellery but you can also spend far less and still put a smile on your Mum’s face. There is so much quality jewellery available on a limited budget, you just need to know where to look. If you find the right jewellery then your Mum will get as much pleasure wearing a modestly priced pair of earrings as she would wearing a diamond necklace costing hundreds of dollars.

If you are looking for beautiful jewellery at an affordable price, then we recommend visiting You can find beautiful pieces of jewellery for less than $100 and they constantly have offers and promotions running. For example, if you subscribe to their mailing list and place an order of $100 or more, you will also receive a free pair of $100 earrings! The Littl are also running a 15% Mother’s Day promotion if you use code ‘MUM15’. For a fraction of the price of Pandora or Swarovski piece of jewellery, you can give a gift for your mother to treasure forever with the Littl.

2. Bouquet of Flowers – One Of The Best Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts

Flowers are probably one of the most popular gifts given to mothers on their special day. Whether you buy her a bouquet of red roses or a mixed floral display, she will appreciate them. If you are looking for something that will last longer, you could buy her a potted plant whether to be kept indoors or one that is planted in the garden.

If you go for flower delivery from a company such as Interflora, then you can often add cheap or complimentary add-on gifts, such as balloons, teddy bears or chocolates; which brings us to our next gift idea…

interflora flowers mothers day
Make mum smile with flowers

3. Box Of Chocolates To Indulge In

mothers day chocolates
A delicious treat will always bring a smile to her face!

Most mothers enjoy a chocolate or two whilst watching their favourite program on television. A box of her favourite chocolates is one of many cheap Mother’s Day gifts 2021 has to offer. As you will be aware, there are so many chocolate brands you will be spoilt for choice (and hopefully, she’ll share them with you!)

Surprisingly enough, Kmart actually offers a fantastic range of Mother’s Day chocolate. From Cadbury gift boxes to Lindt chocolate, there is a great selection available at an even better price!

4. Bottle Of Perfume To Smell Sweet All Day

Like most things in life, a bottle of perfume can vary significantly in price depending upon which brand you choose. For instance, if you choose a bottle of Chanel No 5 then that can prove quite expensive but do bear in mind that there are cheaper brands and they may smell just as nice as a more costly perfume. Remember, it is the thought that counts.

The Perfume Clearance Centre always has sales on so you can grab that premium perfume at a bargain price. Otherwise, we recommend checking out Zara’s range of fragrances. At a super affordable price, you can find some beautiful perfumes which smell just as heavenly as designer fragrances.

zara perfume mothers day

5. Bottle Of Wine To Whet The Appetite

When it comes to cheap Mother’s Day gifts, you can’t go wrong with a nice bottle of wine. Whether her favourite is red, white, or rosé there is so much choice available these days for a modest price. Vintage Cellars and Dan Murphy’s are likely to have Mother’s Day specials on. Who knows, your budget may stretch to a couple of bottles.

6. An Exciting Gift Experience

There are some reasonably priced RedBalloon gift experiences to choose from for your mum on Mother’s Day. Depending upon where she lives and what she likes, you could consider a scenic cruise, a winery tour and tasting experience, a relaxing salt therapy session or an invigorating infrared sauna session. Another cheap, but a fun gift from RedBalloon is Cork and Canvas (paint and sip) where you get to paint and drink wine. Best of all, your Mum might want to share the experience with you, so you also get to enjoy the gift too!

7. A Great Book To Curl Up With

Lots of mums like to spend some of what little spare time they have with their head in a book. It could be a murder mystery or an autobiography of somebody well known. Such books can prove to be cheap Mother’s Day gifts. An added bonus is that, when your mum has finished reading the novel, you can enjoy reading it. So, why not be selective when choosing the book (wink wink).

A nice gift idea is purchasing a book subscription with Bookabuy. Bookabuy sends boxes including a book and an extra gift, such as a candle or box of chocolates. You could choose to send a one-off box or make it a monthly subscription. A thoughtful, fun and affordable gift indeed. If your modern is a fan of tech, then an Amazon Kindle is an affordable, yet great gift for any book lover. Kogan has some really cheap Amazon Kindle options, plus you can shop now, pay later with Afterpay or Zip Pay if you don’t want to pay upfront.

bookabuy mothers day

8. Ornaments for around the house

affordable candle spotlight
Spotlight has a range of affordable home decor ideas like candles

Every Mum loves making the home look pretty. From little table ornaments to picture frames to hang up family photos, home decor adds a special touch. Despite being predominantly a clothing store, SHEIN offers a really nice range of home decor at super prices! It’s also worth checking out Spotlight who also sell some cute home decor at reasonable prices.

9. Mother’s Day Mug

Every year there are some cheap Mother’s Day gifts – 2021 is no exception. If your Mum enjoys a mug of tea or coffee then you might like to consider a personalised Mother’s Day mug. Every time she uses it you can be sure that she will remember that you bought it for her on that very special day. Take a look at these Mother’s Day mugs from Zazzle.

10. Personalised Cushion

A personalized cushion is an inexpensive gift for your Mum and is very personal. She will enjoy resting her head on it, or even keeping it out on display if there is a nice message attached. Etsy is a great place to shop for personalised gifts.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We hope we have helped to provide some ideas about cheap Mother’s Day gifts. 2021 is hopefully going to be a better year than last year so why not buy your Mum something that she will remember for years to come.

If you are looking to purchase a more expensive gift for your mother and don’t have the funds available then here at the Australian Lending Centre we may be able to help you with finance. You may also find our Free Online Budget Planner of assistance.

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