australian lending centre
Australian Lending Centre is the leader in finance and debt consolidation solutions for professionals and individuals throughout the country. Since 1993, we’ve been offering citizens a committed financial relationship with access to the latest financial products and services. Our experts are here to help Australians get on track financially and with our wide range of loan products, we strive to make a long-term commitment with each customer we receive.

Making the Most Out of Your Financial Situation

At Australian Lending Centre, we believe that there is always positivity to every financial problem. We tailor our loan products to your specific financial situation so that we can offer products and strategies that help resolve any professional or personal financial difficulties you face. We can assist our clients with anything from short-term loans to debt consolidation to long-term financial assistance. We are involved with our customers and we work hard to get each customer competitive interest rates and terms that meet their needs. Through our extensive commercial and personal financial experience we’re able to help customers save their residences, boost cash flow in their businesses and avoid creditor harassment.

No matter your situation, we have a viable financial solution.

Our Service Guarantee

Australian Lending Centre stays conscious of your personal and professional information. We ensure that any information obtained for application or loan purposes is handled appropriately. We don’t share your information with unauthorized third-parties and all information furnished to our services is stored securely. When you contact a finance representative, we take the steps required to protect your privacy.

Our services also guarantee:

  • Full Disclosure – Your consultation with ALC is complimentary. We don’t charge you for calling and we will disclose all fees, charges and terms upfront so that you don’t have to worry about any unexpected costs.
  • Fast Response – We pride ourselves on meeting the pressures of your financial situations. That is why our loan specialists work quickly to approve your loan and deposit funds within your accounts on-time. In most cases we’re able to approve funding within 48 to 72 hours.
  • Delays – We ensure that your application is free of delays. When you speak to a finance expert, you’re speaking to someone who can make decisions. We don’t funnel you through multiple personnel members to get results.