Specialist Loans

Get a second chance at finance. Talk to one of our specialist loan consultants about bad credit loans.

Specialist Loans based on more than just your credit score

We work with clients all over Australia that are struggling to find a suitable loan. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your situation in order to find a loan that fits your needs.

We offer lending options to those who typically don’t qualify for traditional lending. Our clients are people who approach us from all over Australia with credit problems whether they have defaults, missed or late payments, or just don’t have suitable paperwork that a traditional lender would accept.

*bad credit applicants are based upon other lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.

Our Goal Is To find the best solution for your unique needs

The Australian Lending Centre is used to dealing with unique situations to find our clients the funding they need. So if you have a bad credit history, don’t have the documentation to provide to a traditional lending institution, or are just struggling to find a loan, contact the Australian Lending Centre team and get some complimentary help today!

Specialist Loans for People with Defaults or Bad Credit Files

The Australian Lending Centre works with clients in a wide range of circumstances including those who have defaulted on previous loans or who have a poor or bad credit history.

Traditional lenders, the big banks, majority of the time, will not offer loans to people with defaults, where in our office we look to support those that have had a credit mishap in the past.

If you have a few late payments or a credit card balance that is out of control, let’s do something about it! Call the Australian Lending Centre today and our caring and non-judgemental team will work with you to come up with some solutions.

Hoping your bills will go away is not a solution

Our team works with unique situations and a variety of circumstances. Our primary goal is to understand your current position and use our experience to deliver a financial option that works with your lifestyle.

You might qualify for the Australian Lending Centre specialist loans, even if you’ve been turned down in the past for poor credit.

We can help if you have:

Our Specialist loans can help with:

Specialist loans for Paying off default accounts

Covering expenses

refused by banks for finance

Paying off default accounts


Avoiding bankruptcy

Guide to lending

Covering tax debts

Country Farm Loan

Working capital