What You Ought To Know About Direct Lender Payday Loans No Credit Check

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Understand what lenders look for in a borrower and how direct lender payday loans no credit check can save the day when you don’t meet these requirements.

Lenders’ criteria

If you want to get a better chance at getting a favorable loan from conventional banks, here are some areas that you need to improve:

Credit history

If you want to qualify for the different types of credit available in the market, keep track of your credit record, manage your credit well and always pay on time. You can check your credit report to see if there is inconsistent information in your credit history and to avoid similar situations. Your credit report contains the types of credits lender extend to you, plus their names and other relevant information. So make sure that your payment history is correct and that you will improve it next time.

Your credit score also matters. So, try to make better borrowing decisions to increase your score.

Capacity to pay

Can you pay your loans comfortably? Lenders would assess your capacity to pay the loan plus all your other outstanding debts, based on your income. They would gauge its stability, type and the income to debt ratio. If your monthly bills are higher than your net income, how can you pay it back?


If you are applying for a secured loan, lenders would look into the value of your collateral. While there are many lenders offering unsecured loans, those who want lower interests and faster loan approval opt for secured loans. These include home equity loans and refinancing an auto loan. Lenders look into the assets you pledge as collateral and ensure that they are uncompromised and that their value will suffice to cover for your unpaid obligations in case of default.


How much do you have to pay back the loan? Aside from your household income, lenders also check out your assets, savings, and investments to ensure that you can still repay the loan in case of job loss and other financially draining life events.


While some lenders won’t ask you where you want to spend your money, other lenders may want to know how you plan to use it. What is the purpose of your loan? Are there surrounding financial conditions that can affect your ability to repay it?  Each lender has its own eligibility criteria. So, before you sign up for a loan, make sure that you have already discussed the loan terms with the loan officer.

I didn’t meet the lender’s criteria. What’s my best option?

As discussed above, banks and contemporary financing companies check your credit rating, payment history and income to determine of you are eligible for the loan. So, if you have zero to low credit score, it can be very tough to obtain just about any type of loan.

One of the options is to go to a lending institution that does not do a credit check before granting you a loan. With a no credit check loan you can borrow money when you could not normally do so due to a poor credit score and history. No credit check loans are usually unsecured and they are made for a moderately small amount of money.

Who qualifies for direct lender payday loans no credit check

Almost anyone who’s of legal age and has a regular income of any sort can qualify for direct lender payday loans with no credit check. The loans are specifically designed to provide financial support to employees and entrepreneurs who cannot obtain funding form conventional financing companies.

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