Save Money by Shopping Like an Investor

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When you do your groceries, it is best to shop like an investor. Apply those investing skills whenever you shop and you’ll be surprised with the amount of savings you are going to earn.

As you go to a supermarket, how do you choose a product? Most shoppers rely on advertisements being fed by the media. A product endorsed by celebrities often entices customers to buy the item without doing their own research.  An investor does a meticulous research before buying stocks. Shoppers must possess the same attitude whenever they shop or do their groceries. Most shoppers do not realize that they spend on grocery items that they do not need. Without a list, shoppers tend to just keep on adding items in their carts. When they get home, they often wonder “why do I have three boxes of cereal?” Marketing tactics like items on sale or discounted items which comes with freebies often attract shoppers even if they don’t really need it. It is not too late to put an end to this situation.

Shop Like an Investor

Four investor tricks to help you generate big savings:

  1. Research – Perform your own research, however, you need to exert extra effort just like what an investor does. Plan your meals, and list down the items that you need. This way, you can avoid impulse buying. Admit it or not, without a list, you can easily go over your budget.
  2. Buy in bulk – It is cheaper when you buy in bulk. Or you can go for wholesale price which is lower compared from retail price.
  3. Compare prices – Most shoppers do not have the time to shop around for cheap items. If you have time to look around or visit other supermarkets you can compare prices.
  4. Consider other brands – Items with a high price tag is not an indication that it comes with great quality. It is not a bad thing to shift from one brand to another.

These are simple yet effective investor tips that will help you cut down your bills. These days, there are many other brands that aren’t too expensive and it’s worth giving a try. Always make a list and eat before you shop.  It is best to shop in the morning to ensure the freshness of meat, fruits and veggies. If you see items on sale, check the expiry date and condition of the product. Saving extra money is not so hard if you choose to become a smart shopper.

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