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Australian Lending Centre is the country’s largest provider of alternative loan products, debt consolidation services and refinancing. For over 30 years, we have helped thousands of Australians with their financial concerns.

Debt Consolidation

Are you in over your head in debt? Perhaps you have creditors contacting you for payment or threatening further collection? Our debt consolidation specialists have access to a large network of debt relief programs including:

Australian Home Loans

Refinance and Home Loans

If your home’s payment is too high or you’ve noticed a drastic decrease in interest rates, now is the time to refinance your home loan or commercial property loan. Our refinance solutions are quick and simple. We look for the best interest rates and ensure that your monthly payment is more affordable.

Short-Term Loans

Everyone needs cash fast. Whether you own a business or need to pay off your taxes, our short-term loan solutions can help. We offer short-term personal loans, business loans, caveat and bridging finance, working capital loans and more!

Learn more about our products and services by visiting our Loans and Services section.

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what sets ALC apart from other lenders?

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Unlike banks and traditional lenders, Australian Lending Centre offers finance options for anyone — regardless of credit or employment history. Whether you’re self-employed, just filed bankruptcy or your credit file is just “average” our alternative bank solutions can locate the funding you need to pay down debts, consolidate bills or grow your business.

We help over 100,000 consumers every year take control of their finances and get back on track. We offer loans from $1,000 to over $500,000 and every loan is tailored to the customers’ needs.

The Ideal ALC Customer

We do not operate like a bank. We offer loan services to all customers and all industries. If you’re being taken to court, can’t pay creditors or you need a finance loan for your company, we want to help.

Contact a specialist today for a no obligation consultation at 1300 138 188 now. Want us to contact you? Enquire now and let our loan specialists start the search for your finance program today!

we accept customers from all walks of life, good and bad credit, with and without property

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