Top 5 Ways to Save for a Home Deposit

how to save for a deposit

House prices logically increase every year. It is not surprising that it gets more difficult for first time homebuyers to finally buy and own their own dwellings. If you are considering buying your own house for the first time, you should not despair. If you would be more strategic, you could surely find creative ways to save for the major purchase.

Saving Money

Certainly, saving money for a house deposit could be stressful and challenging. But you could be sure the rewards would be totally worth all the effort. You may not have enough savings for now but if you get the right level of motivation and determination, you could surely save enough to finally make a down payment. Here are five effective ways.

  1. Create a practical budget. Start by aiming to make your cash flow position positive. It is ideal if there would be more money flowing in than flowing out. To make it more possible, you should start cutting back on unimportant or unnecessary expenses. Curb your spending habits so you could increase your savings. You know the drill: save on costs, spend only on necessities, and avoid luxuries.


  1. Avoid using your credit card. If you are used to ruthless spending using your plastic card, you must consider changing your spending behaviour. While credit cards facilitate convenient transactions, it is no secret that using those incurs higher interest payments, plus added fees. If you have outstanding credit card debt, prioritise getting rid of it so your budget could get more reasonable.


  1. Boost your savings. Know how to make the most of your spare money. If you decide to keep your savings in a bank account, choose a premium type that offers higher interest and lower fees. It is effective to have separate bank accounts for your regular expenses and savings so you could be more disciplined when spending. It is also advisable to make several investments. Just be sure you would not put your money at risk.


  1. Have a target. Before you start saving, set a target amount. This way, you would know how much you need to save and you could decide to do ways on how to achieve your goal. You should find a house to eye so you know how much it would cost, how much you would borrow from a mortgage provider, and how much you should spend for deposit or down payment.


  1.  Save on costs. You may decide to temporarily move in with your parents so you could put your rental fees for the meantime into your savings account. Set aside any plan to buy a new car. If you are already driving your own vehicle, find ways to reduce expenses. Perhaps, you could start living a healthier lifestyle so you could fight the urge to go to bars at night or eat out at expensive restaurants.


Are you saving for a home purchase? It is wise to get a home loan to finance the purchase. But since it would also require a deposit or down payment, use these tips to save money. It would be easy to boost your savings if you would be more determined and motivated to do so.

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