Top 10 Budgeting Tips This Easter

Enjoy this Easter period without worrying about the bank balance. From shopping early to getting creative, read these top 10 budgeting tips and start saving!
Top 10 Budgeting Tips This Easter

Are you ready to hop into Easter? It’s just around the corner, which means holidays, events, family gatherings and more are all upon us. For a time of year that’s so full of fun and celebration, it’s so easy to blow your budget and overspend.

While it might seem a good idea at the time, it eventually will catch up with you as you work to pay it off. So, let’s avoid going into debt with these top 10 budgeting tips this Easter.

Top 10 Budgeting Tips This Easter

Easter is almost here, which means now is the perfect time to tighten those purse strings and start saving. Here are our top 10 budgeting tips this Easter:

1. Shop the year before

This one takes a bit of planning, and won’t help you for this year! But, once Easter is over, stock up on decorations and outfits for the following year. They will be heavily reduced so you can grab yourself a bargain.

2. Take advantage of free and low cost community and local activities

Easter is the time of lots of school holiday events, and these can certainly add up. Look around for things you can do for free and opt for that instead. Like heading out to the beach for the day or going on a bushwalk.

Check your local council for Easter holiday activities within your community. The Budget Mom also has these ideas…

3. Look for Easter savings

Whether it’s food or decorations, specials are the key. Plan your Easter menu the week before and browse online before you shop so you can plan your purchases without impulse buying (it’s tempting when it is all so cute). Op shops may also have some great bargains – they will have their Easter decorations out.

Kmart and Target are also great places to find low cost toys that the kids will love. If you want to take their minds off chocolate for a minute, there are loads of Easter activity toys and plush bunnies for them to treasure.

4. Cull the excess without the fun

Kids don’t need loads of gifts at Easter – that’s what Christmas is for. Get back to basics with smaller, budget-friendly gifts from the Easter Bunny. Sometimes a book and a toy can replace some of the sugar. Children can build wonderful memories that remain long after you’ve found that last little egg in the sofa cushions.

5. Have everyone bring a dish

If you happen to be hosting this year, make your job easier by asking family and friend to bring a dish. This not only saves you plenty of time in the kitchen but also offers financial relief in the process.

6. Buy low-cost Easter accessories

While it can be fun to dress up for Easter, but you don’t need a whole new outfit for the occasion. Find something in your cupboard in Easter colours and spruce it up with a pair of bunny ears for added fun!

7. Get cooking (on a budget)!

Easter treats can be expensive, so why not bake them at home instead? There are plenty of ideas over on Pinterest to get you started.

You can also check out these budget-friendly recipes

8. Create a Easter budget plan

With the help of the Australian Lending Centre free budget planner, you can stay on top of your finances all year round! Take 5 minutes to fill it out here.

9. Get crafty for Easter

You can also save on the decorations with a few DIY projects at home. It’s the perfect way to keep the kids busy during the holidays while having the house filled with Easter fun.

10. It’s OK to say no

It’s all about setting your budget boundaries. If you’ve gone over your budget for the week, then reign the spending in the following week. Switch a trip to the cinema for a night at home with movies on the couch. You can make popcorn and treats and still have fun without blowing your budget.

While these top 10 budgeting are a great start for the holiday season, it’s important to have a budget you can stick to throughout the year.


Top 10 Budgeting Tips

Of course, these budgeting tips shouldn’t just be for Easter time. You can apply them to any holiday period and set yourself on the path of financial stress. If you’re after more top 10 budgeting tips, then go ahead and get this budget planner calculator.

It will help keep you on track with your finances all year long, so you are in the best position possible. Of course, life does come with unexpected surprises, and there may be times where you find yourself short of debt and needing to take out a loan to tide things over.

This is a great option to have! It can be just what you need to get back on your feet financially and give yourself a fresh start. If you do need a loan, make sure to factor it into your budget straight away so you can get on top of your repayments and make sure you don’t miss any along the way.

Taking Out A Loan

Despite our best budgeting efforts, sometimes we are left with no choice but to take out a loan to get the financial help we need. If you find yourself needing a loan, Australian Lending Centre can help you out.

We offer a variety of services from debt consolidation through to Bad Credit Loans, Debt Management and Refinance. No matter what financial position you are in, you can get access to the money you need – fast. This will help you get back on track with your budget and in control of your finances once again.

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