A Tool for Financial Freedom: Personal Loan To Consolidate Debt

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Is it practical to use a personal loan to consolidate debt?

It depends.

Finally paying off your debt through debt consolidation is a major accomplishment. But the real financial recovery starts when you decide to never get into debt again unless you really need to.  You are now making a commitment to use your financial resources wisely every single day.

You will encounter cravings for your old lifestyle, and for new items, vacations, events or perhaps an opportunity to get into a business you don’t know about. Sometimes, an overall desire to not feel deprived of material things.

You will encounter debt triggers in the form of emergencies, people and perhaps life events that will make you want to get into debt again, after getting a personal loan to consolidate debt. What can you do to avoid getting into debt again?

Here are 4 tips when getting a personal loan to consolidate debt:

  1. Identify your personal set of debt triggers.alc-tools-for-finanical-freedom-debt-trigger

Everyone has his or her own reasons for getting into debt. Some are actually very careful with their finances, but the timing and terms of the loan make it difficult for them to pay off. Seeing opportunities to buy new personal or business items, or having a stressful day and getting really emotional are common triggers for making an unwarranted purchase using credit cards or quick loans.

  1. Know how much money you are working with.

Your cash flow is a very real part of financial recovery. Do not try to fool yourself into thinking that debt consolidation will solve it all. Instead, know your current cash flow, stay open to possibilities of getting a new source of income and create a budget to avoid resorting to loan when things get rough.

Have a plan for when you feel yourself being pulled back into using your credit cards or applying for new ones. Some people successfully avoid using their cards by cutting them off, literally. Closing high-interest accounts can also do the trick.

  1. Practice your budgeting plan. alc-tools-for-finanical-freedom-budget-planning

Try keeping track of your finances for a week. If you went overboard with your spending, you can modify it to make it more reachable, or you can adjust your lifestyle or choices so you can stick to your plan. You may save yourself from unwarranted purchases or going back into the debt hole if you make small sacrifices.

  1. Take good care of your health.

You can handle all the financial turmoil if you are healthy. Eat and sleep well. Rest if needed and reward yourself with a peaceful mindset. You can handle all life’s troubles if you remain committed to making yourself comfortable, peaceful and healthy. Sometimes, we make poor decisions that can make us broke, when we are tired, angry, lonely and hungry. Be aware of these emotions, deal with them and you will definitely feel empowered to handle your finances well.

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