Time to Refinance

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A recent industry study has shown that 38% of all mortgages arranged in May were for refinancing purposes, while only 15.4% of all mortgages were sold to ‘upgraders’.

Investors accounted for 36.7% of all activity, while 9.9% of all mortgages arranged in May were for first home buyers.

If you want a better interest rate or to reduce your monthly repayments, now is the time to consider refinancing. Even if you simply want to tap into your home’s equity and free up some money to invest, renovate or even consolidate debt, a new home loan can meet your changing needs.

Refinance with a Better Interest Rate

At the Australian Lending Centre we have made enquiring about refinancing easy. By submitting an express enquiry form one of our loan consultants will contact you, provide a free assessment of your financial situation and help you explore all of your options. It’s rare that we can’t refinance an individual’s loan to ensure a great saving in the long term.

We have even provided you with a convenient suite of loan calculators, which can assist you with managing your finances and selecting the best possible loan product for your situation. Select one of the options below to see your potential savings now:

Loan Repayment Calculator
Extra Repayment Calculator
Loan Comparison Calculator
Borrowing Power Calculator
Credit Card Debt Repayment Calculator
Budget Planner Calculator
Personal Loan Repayment Calculator
Savings Calculator
Stamp Duty Calculator

Whether you have a fixed or variable rate mortgage; are up to date with your repayments or in arrears; listed on the title alone or with a partner; self employed or PAYG; living in the city or in the country – you too can refinance to unlock the equity in your home and get ahead financially.

If you refinance your loans and debts into one easy monthly repayment, you have the potential to save thousands of dollars, not to mention the other advantages of refinancing, such as the ability to lock in a lower interest rate, use the equity in your home to pay out other debts such as credit card debts, and you can gain access to cash you may need for major expenses, such as a home renovation.

To speak with a loan consultant today simply fill in an express enquiry form to your right, or contact a loan consultant on 1300 138 188 today and learn how refinancing your loans and debts will better your financial future.



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