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How To Get Money Fast From A Private Lender

Life is full of unexpected surprises and there are times we need access to cash as fast as possible. Whether you have found yourself in an accident and needing to cover hospital bills or with repairs to your home after damage, the financial strain can be hard to cope with.

Of course, if you go through the bank, you have to jump through hoops and mountains of paperwork just to get approved, and even then it still takes time to see the money in your account. So, what are you meant to do in the meantime? If you’re looking to get money fast, then you need to look beyond the traditional means and start exploring private lenders.

Get Money Fast With Private Lenders

If you’re looking to get money fast, then private lenders are the best option for you. Unlike traditional lenders, such as banks, they have access to a private pool of funds, which they can dip into at their choosing. Their set criteria for approving someone for a loan is also completely different, often making it much easier to get a loan – even with bad credit history.

Naturally, every private lender is different, so when you’re trying to get money fast, it’s worth shopping around for the right one for you.

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How To Get Money Fast

Private lenders will have a number of different loans they offer, depending on your circumstances. Here are some of the ones worth exploring if you’re looking to get money fast. The type of loan you need will depend on your individual circumstances. The great part is, if you’re not sure what you’re after, a private lender will guide you in the right direction. They offer a much more personal service than traditional lenders and will tailor loans to suit your needs. Here are some of the loans they offer:

Personal loans: just as the name suggests, personal loans are those you use for your own personal reasons. They tend to be smaller loans that are taken out to cover things such as a holiday, renovations, fixing your car, etc. As the borrower, you get the cash fast, so you can do these things even sooner. Of course, you’ll also be paying interest and possibly some fees in the process.

Home Loans: a home loan, or mortgage, is a much larger loan to cover the cost of buying a property to be paid off in a set period. It’s normally a large period of about 30 years. Usually, with these types of loans, the property is used as security against the loan. If you’re unable to meet the repayments, the property can be seized by the lender.

Business Loans: setting up and running a business isn’t an easy task. You will face times when you need a quick injection of cash to help with the cash flow in the company. Whether you’re looking to bring in extra stock to sell, or need to invest in the right equipment, access to fast cash can make all the difference. You can get loans to help you start a business, or to help with the ongoing costs of getting it up and running.

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Advantages of Private Funding Lenders

There are many advantages of choosing private funding lenders over a traditional one, this includes:

  • Great interest rates: you can shop around for a competitive interest rate, rather than relying on the one that is set by the banks. This gives you much more freedom over your loan.
  • Low doc options: don’t have all the documents needed to apply for a loan? Private lenders offer low doc options for this reason. It makes it much easier to take out a loan without all the paperwork involved.
  • Bad credit loans: having bad credit doesn’t make you a bad borrower. Private lenders understand that things happen that are beyond your control. Unlike the traditional lenders, they are able to look at your individual circumstances when offering a loan and have options for those with bad credit.
  • Fast approval: if you’re looking to get money fast, then a private lender is the way to go. Most will approve your loan within 24 hours, with the money in your account straight away.
  • Personal service: private lenders offer a much more personal service.
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Find The Right Private Lender For You

Are you ready to get cash fast? Australian Lending Centre is a private lender with a wide range of loan options designed around you. From personal loans to business loans and home loans, we tailor it to your individual circumstances to make sure you’re getting the most out of your loan.