Debt Consolidation

Save Money Without Skipping A Family Day Out

It is perfectly normal for borrowers with kids to skip payments to make room for family fun, especially on the weekends. After all, memories matter more than money, right? We came up with several free or cheap fun family activities with your kids so you can enjoy all the fun and still save money.

Wardrobe fashion show

Do your kids aspire to be models and fashion icons? Maybe, it’s time to set the stage and find a theme for your very own runway. Make your own invitations based on your theme. Ask them about the member of your family they want to be in the audience. If it’s their favorite grandma or grandpa, make sure that they’re ready to become fashion critics for a while. Look for suitable clothes in your closets. Ask them to take their pick and wear them with a twist. They can have fun as the designer or as the model. And, don’t be surprised if they talk you into making iconic moves too. After all, it’s your show. You asked for it.

Make meals together

The key to saving money and encouraging your kids to eat healthy foods is to involve them in cooking. There are many meals you can make under $10 and with the stuff you have on the fridge. Think staple items like milk, potatoes, eggs, bananas and onions.

You can make cheap and easy to prepare dessert, dinner, or snacks out of your stock. It’s also a great way to teach your kids on how to value your efforts of preparing meals for them. So what if they make meals as simple as a bowl of cereal or pancakes? It’s the act of doing things together that will make it extra special. Of course, no one will complain if you‘re able to make almost lasagna, chicken lettuce wraps or grilled salmon with lemon and asparagus spears from scratch.

Budget together

The sooner you involve your kids in family finances, the better it is for everyone. Make them understand the value of money. It will help them become responsible even at a young age. While you may not want them to know everything about your assets and liabilities, you can somehow get them involved by asking them to help you with the grocery list. It can also be a fun activity since you can let your kids ‘hunt’ some items in the pantry. Like, “spot the oil, milk or canned beans”. You can list things that you need for the week or month, and cross out times that you still have on stock and won’t be using anytime soon.

Milk the park

Use your creativity in making a walk to the park an exciting adventure. You can do this with your kids or with other parents. The more players, the merrier right? Are there poles where kids can twirl around? Look for logs (make sure there are no hidden insects in there), and let your kids be kids. Meaning, don’t worry too much about your laundry, let them get dirty for a while. You can take care of the dirt on their clothes later.

Older kids can also use this time to play with their peers while you actively join in the fun once in a while. Set rules however online casinos, that’s it’s a family outing, and not one of those days where they freely hang out with friends.

Relax and have a long and happy chat with your little ones. Remember, time travels so fast—before you knew it, they’re all grown up. Cherish moments like this—it won’t only give you more savings so you can repay your personal loans and other debts early, it will also enable you to create happy memories together.

There’s more…

Don’t think you have the time to do all the stuff above? Well—check out these fun activities below and take your best pick:

Treasure hunt

Prepare yourself to be a clue bearer. Spark up the competition by adding more clues as they get the treasures, until someone else wins.

Get ice cream

Find out who gets to finish first! Just keep tissues nearby.

Pullover adventure

Noticed some great places your kids would love while you’re driving? Pullover and spend a few minutes or even an hour watching them. It could be trains, airport, construction site or any other place on the side of the road. You can use this as a time to talk to your kids about what they see-make it educational yet cool as possible. Well, aren’t there take-offs and landings to watch? Look at the clouds—check on their shapes, give them names, and so forth. Your kids will surely come up with great ideas on what to do while watching those ‘hanging cotton’ on air.

Kids definitely love small and simple adventures. They’re kids and they like activities that make them happy and comfortable.