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How a Bridging Loan can Help You Secure the Property of Your Dreams

A bridging loan is a temporary loan that is intended to ‘bridge the gap’ that could exist when a homeowner is still selling his house and when he is set to take another mortgage. In other words, when a homebuyer is purchasing a new home before completely selling his current house, the bridge loan can be a source of cash needed to pay the down payment of the new home purchase.

Bridging loans are supposed to use the buyer’s existing house as security. The facility can provide sufficient amount of money to fund the down payment, which is a requirement to buy and relocate to the new move-up home. There is doubt that a bridging loan can help you finally buy your dream house.

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Bridging Finance

Home owners have been making the most of rising property prices.  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide all had significantly more properties up for auction than on the same weekend last year, with 1991 homes listed, which was up from 847 last year.
According to Australian Property Monitors, the total weekend auction revenue was up $208 million […]

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Selling Your Home or Investment Property

Congratulations on the prospective sale of your property. It is often an exciting and yet stressful time. Let’s face it, putting your property on the market is a big step.
So tell me, why are you selling?
There are many reasons you could be selling your property, do you want to upsize? Maybe you want to downsize? Perhaps you are finding the burden of your existing mortgage just too much?
If you are struggling with your current monthly commitments and need short term funds to help you over the hump until your property sells, call us now on 1300 138 188 for a confidential enquiry with one of our team. […]

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