Staying on Holiday Budget with Prepaid Credit Cards

how to make a holiday budget

Wondering how you’re going to stay on holiday budget? Prepaid credit cards could be a wise alternative to starting the year without a massive blow to your bank account or credit line.

You are using your own money.

AusPost has a Load & Go prepaid Visa card that is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted, you can reload online or in-store, no reload fees, no monthly fees, no credit checks, no interest charges and no application form. They make it so easy a toddler chewing on an iPhone could load money and start shopping online before you finish reading this post!

Prepaid credit cards can be loaded with the funds you want to allow yourself to spend. You can safely know that once the funds are depleted, you are cut off. There is no going over the limit or a going over-limit fee. There is no interest charge because the money is all yours.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

You can safely spend money knowing that you are not dipping into the rent, mortgage payment, or household funds. Think of the relief you’ll have when you open that pesky credit card bill and see that you didn’t blow your entire credit line partying like a pop diva in Bali!

You saved for this holiday and you want to have fun. Load up a prepaid credit card with the funds you want to use and travel safely without the wad of cash in your back pocket and without draining your bank account or credit line dry!

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