Decide your savings goals – this will help you work out the best way to save to achieve them.

Purpose of the loan
Short-term (0 to 2 years)
• Christmas and holidays
• An emergency fund for unexpected expenses
Medium-term (2 to 5 years)
• Pay off loans
• Put a deposit on a house
• Buy a car
• Pay for home improvements
Long-term (5 years or longer)
• Children’s education
• Your retirement
• Long-term financial security


Good Savings Habits

Initiate a savings plan
Many people find it very difficult to save. Any money they get they seem to spend. If this sounds like you, fear not. Below are some helpful tips to kick start your savings habit.

Even if you start by saving small amounts regularly, it will help you;
Manage your money better and be more prepared for the unexpected
Not have to rely on personal loans to buy the things you need in the future
Ease your financial stress

Clear your current debts
First things first, in order to start saving, the best thing to do is clear your existing debts from personal loans, credit cards, store cards and overdrafts. The rate of interest you will be paying on your debts is usually far higher than the rate you will receive on your savings.

Maximize your savings
Once your debts are under control you can then start to save. Most financial institutions will allow you to have your savings automatically debited from your account. Once you have gotten in to a savings habit it is worth considering which account will now offer you the best return on investment.

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