Australians are estimated to spend a record amount this holiday season. Australia’s population as a whole will spend $2.072 billion in just three weeks spanning the holiday season. Victorian shoppers will lead the pack, spending $682 million, with New South Wales close behind at $584 million. The majority of consumers will use a credit card to cover the average $850 of purchases bought between Boxing Day and January 15th. These charges to the credit card along with the Christmas presents bought before the holidays and the regular bills will all add up to a hefty amount of cash which will have to be repaid in the not so distant future.

The holidays can be stressful enough not to mention the mounting charges on different credit cards. It is estimated by the Reserve Bank of Australia that Australians owe $49.6 billion with around $33.4 billion accruing interest. Part of the problem is the outdated payment systems from different institutions and how the payments are due at different intervals. Energy companies still often send their bills on a quarterly schedule and can be a big surprise since they are always based on the energy that you have already used.

An efficient way to have the bills paid when they are due even if you do not a have pay cheque coming for a couple more weeks is to take a quick loan. With interest rates at their current levels, quick loans are more useful today than they have ever been. Used effectively, a quick loan can cover the cost of the mounting stack of bills till the monthly or fortnightly pay cheque rolls around. A late bill can cause a big headache and once one goes unpaid then they tend to mount up.

The competitive interest on quick loans can be a great way to bundle the holiday purchase cost along with the regular bills and get them all paid off for a better rate than a credit card. Everyone wants to have a great holiday season without having to decide between paying the bills and buying presents.

Quick loans can give you the peace of mind to know that all the bills are paid and you can take advantage of the holiday sales without having to stress throughout the year. Take advantage of a quick loan and begin the new year with a fresh start.

But if you already have multiple loans that are driving you off course, try debt consolidation to reduce the amount of repayments each month. With debt consolidation, all your debts from different creditors and different times of the month are all combined into one loan, saving you from the stress you don’t really need.