Do you want to get the best interest rates on your loans? Getting into debt is already going to cost you money, and a few percentage points can definitely cost you more than you are prepared to get. Here are tips when seeking for the best interest rates in any type of loan.

Understand the type of interest rates you are getting. Interest rates vary depending on the type of loan. For example, refinancing has fixed or variable interest rates. A second mortgage can have a fixed or variable interest rate which is generally more costly than the first mortgage. But, the interest rate in home equity line of credit is always variable-it goes up and down depending on the changes in the market.


Check your existing credit. If you want to get the best interest rate in mortgage, business loan, personal loan or any type of loan, your existing credit must be good enough for lenders to entrust you with their money. If you have a bad credit, lenders will consider you as a high risk borrower, and would increase your loan’s interest rate to compensate for the risk. That’s why it is advisable to get your credit report, challenge any wrong information and clean up your debts.

If you no longer have time to repair your credit before taking out a new loan, debt consolidation loans can be your practical option. It can help you increase your credit score-simply because you are paying off your multiple debts. In the long run, you can get few extra credit score points that could save you thousands of dollars the next time you apply for a loan.


Get the right timing when choosing between fixed rate and adjustable interest rates –If you’re paying the loan over a short period of time, an adjustable rate can be a cheaper option. But, if you’re not sure of your finances and market fluctuations, a fixed rate could be a good idea to ensure you know how much you are paying ion the long run.

Always consider your personal financial conditions as well as the market fluctuations when making a decision. Rates may rise, and your financial plans may change so always think twice before you choose the type of interest rates to pick. Sometimes if there is not that big a spread, it might not be worth the gamble especially if rates rise and your plans change.

Request for a no-obligation loan cost estimate. Australian Lending Centre offers an estimate of the overall costs of your targeted loan. Check the costs to compare the loan terms with other loan products to see which type of loan offers a better rate. You can also check if one lender offers significantly lower interest rates than the other. But, don’t just focus on the interest rate-think of the overall loan cost. Some lenders may offer lower interest but they may charge you with exorbitant fees and costs.

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