Lenders Kick Doors Open With Low Doc Personal Loans

Low Doc Personal Loans||Low Doc Personal Loans

New reforms work wonders to help self employed borrowers get the right low doc personal loans!

Lending has become better regulated as to protect high risk borrowers and create a responsible lending atmosphere. Lending to someone who lacks documentation can be risky, but with good policies in place, the risks can be mitigated.

The Australian Lending Centre protects borrowers with tailored low doc personal loans!

Better Policies – Better Borrowing:

  • Cross-checking information provided by borrowers
  • Policies ensure the right borrowers are granted low doc personal loans
  • A more fair market is being created by ASIC policies
  • Low-doc loans from banks have declined from 6.4% to 0.7%

With banks steering clear of the low doc loan market, the small to medium lenders are willing to understand the borrower’s situation.


“To protect borrowers, we only lend to those that have the ability to repay their loan.”


Low doc personal loans are a type of loan that can be granted with less documentation, but we still check it makes sense to lend. To improve outcomes for borrowing we consider other factors, not all Australians can have a consistent pay check, but all responsible Australians should be given the chance to apply to borrow money.

For low doc loans that fit your situation, contact Australian Lending Centre and stop rejection due to restrictive bank policies.


Low Doc Self Employed Loans

At 25 years of age, Carl was yet to build a significant credit history. Having recently started his own business, using his own funds as start-up capital, he had credit card debt to the value of $2,700 and he owed $10,800 on his car loan.

When his repayments fell behind, he decided to obtain a loan to pay his debt down in order to stop the calls from creditors.

Like many other Australians, his credit record was negatively affected by less-than-ideal debt management. Years of inconsistent income had turned in to growing debt and late payments.

People applying for low doc self employed loans generally have to produce 12-months’ worth of BAS statements, and they wanted 6-12 months’ worth of bank statements as well. Most banks also demand letters from company accountants to verify their income.

Australian banks are notorious for their strict lending practices, which have caused many people to give up on the search. However, Australian Lending Centre may just have the solution to your problems.

After Carl applied and received his low doc self employed loan, Carl was able to pay off his debt, and begin recovering his credit.


Low Doc Personal Loans in Australia

Policies on responsible lending are changing. The new standards have made it safer to borrow by passing some of the responsibility to the lender. While you must still be able to show the ability to pay back the low doc personal loan, your lender must also make sure they are lending to a responsible borrower.

Low doc loans lenders, such as Australian Lending Centre provide a go-to solution for people with insufficient documents, or poor credit scores. We work to tailor low doc personal loans that can provide you with the funding you need to pay your debts down and avoid a default.

Don’t be dissuaded by the strict regulations of Australian banks. Remember that the Australian Lending Centre offers low doc personal loans at great rates, and with 48-hour approval.

If you are missing the documents required by banks then you are searching for a lender with different requirements, a lender like the Australian Lending Centre. Call us on 1300 138 188 or Apply Now!

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