How to Resign Without Burning Bridges

how to resign without burning bridges

With the holiday season just around the corner, a lot of people might find themselves asking the following question – am I happy with the way my life is at the moment? Does my job fulfil my expectations and does it truly satisfy me? You alone know the answer to this question.

So, if you think that it’s time to move on to the next step in your life, resign and start fresh with a new, more fulfilling job. It is best that you hand in your resignation without burning bridges, if you know what I mean. Thus, here are a couple of tips you should take into account.

Put your resignation in writing

As eager as you might be to tell your boss in the face that you’re leaving the job, you will be required to put your resignation in writing as well. Thus, it’s a positive idea to write it in advance, as you’ll certainly need it. Keep it short and avoid negative phrases or bragging about your plans. It is best to leave things in order and in good condition, remember that.

Discuss your notice period

After you resign, the majority of workplaces will ask you to keep working for at least two more weeks. This amount of time normally offers your employer enough time to find another person to replace you. Of course, you can discuss whatever suits you best in this condition, and settle a date that is beneficial to both your boss and yourself. You need to take into consideration what your contract states concerning this aspect as well.

Complete remaining projects

Even after you resign, it’s important to continue working, not get lazy and just finish your remaining projects. You might be tempted to be unenthusiastic about completing projects and slightly lazy as soon as you hand in your resignation, but remember, the way in which you act in the final weeks at your job will only mirror your character. And, you do want to leave a positive impression behind, don’t you?

Leave things in order for the next person

Make sure you leave everything in order for the next person coming in your place. Think about it, when you rent a new apartment, would you like to come to a messy place or a tidy setting? The same principle applies here. Even if you resign, you need to consider building a positive professional reputation and don’t overlook leaving all the necessary information concerning important accounts or projects.

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