How Pet Owners Can Save on Pet Food

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Owning a pet can be incredibly rewarding, fulfilling and fun over the course of your furry friend’s life, but it can also get quite expensive. We don’t always consider the long-term costs of pet ownership because let’s face it; they’re cute and cuddly so the benefits usually take precedent over the practicality. Adding a bag of dog food and treats to your shopping list won’t break your budget but there are always ways to save on pet food. Here are a few ways, and why they’re financially viable for you:

How to Save on Pet Food

1. Cook it yourself
Cooking your pet’s food sounds like extreme dedication, right? You might think that only people with plenty of free time and plenty of spare cash would bother to cook for their pets but it’s not the case. Cooking for animals can be cheap and a set-and-forget approach if you do it right. It’s very, very similar to meal preparation for yourself (or any human) – basically you purchase some cheap meat cuts, veggies that your pet can eat, and voila. Throw it all in some stock and you’ve essentially made a cheap soup that you could eat if you wanted to! Freeze it in portions if you’ve got freezer space, or keep it in the fridge and dish it out each night. They’ll love it, and it will work out better for their health and easier on your wallet. You can also make your own treats for little cost and effort! There are various recipes online for the keen owner who’d like to try making their own pet food.
2. Pay for ingredients
So if you’re not into the idea of cooking food yourself, make sure you’re not ripping yourself off by being drawn into a fancy name-brand food that is actually made of the same ingredients as its cheaper counterparts. Do some research, read some labels and don’t overpay. On that note, find out what brands or ranges of food is the best value for money. You’ll find that higher quality foods equate to smaller portions for your animal, so although you feel like you’re spending more at the time, you won’t need to replace the food as frequently.
3. Buy in bulk
This is a rule for either buying food in store or making it yourself. Keep track of specials at the supermarket as well as the pet shops to maximise how much you can save, sometimes it works out cheaper to grab a huge, seemingly endless bag of dog-chow because it will last you for four months instead of the smaller bag you’re replacing each fortnight. If you’re buying ingredients, buy in bulk when you have fridge or freezer space.

Pets are fun, but man do they eat. If it feels like your animal is eating you out of house and home – take a look at their diet. Better food can save you money; not only at the checkout but on the vet trips you won’t have to take because your dog or cat is less likely to suffer from skin conditions and organ problems. Plan ahead, save some money and make you and your furry friend’s life just that much better!

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