First Home Buyers Being Priced Out

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In recent times it has become even harder for Aussies to get their foot in the door of the property market. First home buyers are quickly being priced out of the market, as investors are snapping up properties right in the midst of a housing shortage.

It seems as though our buoyant economy and strong job prospects have spurred established home owners to invest in property or upgrade their homes.

Home Loan Types

Home Loans for Property Investors – If investing in property is something that you have been considering, now is a great time to act. Interest rates are most likely going to increase further this year, so jump on the bandwagon and secure yourself an investment property while interest rates are not too high.

Renovation Loans– If you’re looking to renovate an existing property to improve its value, then we can set you up with an appropriate renovation home loan. Renovation loans are ideal when you want to make improvements to an existing property. Whether you’re upgrading the kitchen or bathroom, adding a pool, or completely reconstructing a property, the Australian Lending Centre’s renovation loans and construction loans have been designed to allow you to make it happen.

First Home Buyer Loans – We understand that being a first home buyer is an exciting milestone in any one’s life, and we love assisting people grasp the opportunity of owning their first home. If it’s feasible for you to jump into the property market, call us at the Australian Lending Centre so we can help you find a suitable first home loan.

Whether you are looking to upsize, downsize or invest, we have a wide range of home loans to suit everyone. We offer competitive home loan rates to first home buyers, the self employed (including low doc loans), property investors and those simply wishing to refinance an existing loan.

To learn how the Australian Lending Centre could assist you today, call 1300 138 188 or simply fill in an enquiry form to the right and a loan consultant will contact you shortly.

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