Credit Card Spending was up in 2010

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2010 saw Aussies coming out of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) with their credit cards surging.  In July, there was a banking report that stated we charged goods to our credit cards an astonishing 131 million times for the month.  This figure is greater than any July in history and 3% higher than July 2009.

In addition to putting more on our cards, we are also being more careless about increasing our debt.  In this same report in July, Aussies owed $47.8 billion which is approximately $3,268 per credit card.  These figures were up 6.5% from 2009 or $159 per card.  These are signs Australians spent 2010 thawing from the financial crisis and seem to be spending at a fast rate.  If these figures continued in trend, Aussies may find themselves deep in debt.

Alleviate Credit Card Debt

Although an increasing amount of Australians are falling into debt, it doesn’t mean they have no options.  Australian Lending Centre has debt solutions to help alleviate credit card debt through debt consolidation options.

The average Australian struggling under increased living costs, housing payments and overwhelming credit card bills, has no option but to seek other monetary reserves to meet their debts. A recent customer survey discovered, a massive 85% of those surveyed said they had unsecured debts ranging between $6,500 and $80,000, which only serves to emphasise the increasingly common spiral into debt.

Debt consolidation can allow all of your debts to be consolidated into one lower and more manageable monthly repayment.  Even above consolidating your credit cards and personal loans, debt consolidation gives you a greater financial freedom that allows you to enjoy life!

To take advantage of debt consolidation, please call 1300 138 188 and a debt consolidation consultant will assist you, alternatively simply complete our express enquiry form to your right and we will contact you shortly.


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