Controversy over Bankruptcy Threshold

Bankruptcy Threshold

The banks don’t want the government to go ahead with their plans to raise the bankruptcy threshold from $2,000 to $10,000. The Australian Bankers Association claims that by raising it to $10,000 it will encourage Australians to run up bad debts.

What this change will mean is that companies that debtors owe money to will not be able to ‘chase’ their payments from the debtor until they have accumulated at least $10,000 of debt.

The proposed new law also would increase the “stay period” from 7 to 28 days, which would force creditors to wait a month before being able to take action to recover the debts owed to them.

Bankruptcy Threshold

The Australian Bankers Association has suggested to the Senate that the threshold should be set at $5,000.

The banks feel that a change of this extent will increase the amount of debtors who default on payments and enhance the mindset of debtors that a failure to pay smaller amounts is unlikely to result in bankruptcy.

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