debt consolidation bad credit
debt consolidation bad credit

Do you find yourself fighting against too much unsecured debt or struggling to avoid having your pay eaten by your debts? Debt consolidation may be the financial solution you need.

It may seem complicated but it is simply combining your individual debts into one. Several loan and credit card payments and multiple different interest charges become one payment one interest rate.

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A Solution to Smile About

Advantages of Debt Consolidation with ALC

  • Lower monthly payments – See your monthly payment amount decrease drastically with a debt consolidation loan.
  • Streamline expenses – Restructure your accounts and enjoy fewer creditors and bills to manage each month.
  • Lower interest – Debt consolidation loans from Australian Lending Centre offer you competitive interest rates, which means you could spend less of your income on repaying debts.
  • Additional cash on hand – Have more money left over each month.
You should consider debt consolidation if you need to lower your monthly payment for any reason (change of circumstances, change of income, a growing family etc.) or if your monthly debt repayments are rising.
Fewer individual debts mean fewer individual repayments, and could alleviate financial pressure..
Imagine what you would do with the money you could save by consolidating your debts into one repayment.
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If you struggle to make repayments every month, or just have too many repayments to make, it may be time to consider debt consolidation.
By paying off debts that are at risk of become defaulted, and reducing your monthly commitments, you can relieve yourself from debt stress, create the opportunity to start saving money again, and feel more confident in your other projects.
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