Consolidate Now to Have a Stress Free Christmas

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We know it makes sense to save throughout the year for annual spending events such as the Christmas season; however year after year so many of us continue to blow our budget and then spend the following months trying to pay off credit cards and the accumulated interest.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, last Christmas we spent $18 billion at retailers, including $70 million on stuffed toys, $54 million on dolls, $659 million on video games, $10 million on Christmas tree lighting and $63 million on other Christmas goods.

Preparation is the key to a financially stress-free Christmas. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for and write down a limit for each of them. Once you know your total cost you can calculate what you are going to save over the coming three weeks to be able to afford it. Make sure you take your list shopping with you and stick to your limits.

Consolidate Before Christmas

If you are already in debt, adding to the credit cards at Christmas is clearly not a great idea. Don’t be alarmed as these days you have an option known as debt consolidation which can be achieved quickly with the assistance of the Australian Lending Centre.

Numerous shoppers use credit cards to make their Christmas purchases, thinking they will worry about paying the balance off in the New Year. Unfortunately, by the time people get around to making the repayments they find that the interest has built up.

We specialise in debt debt consolidation solutions that are structured to save you thousands of dollars. We show you how to roll all of your debts including credit card debt, personal loans, car loan, and a home loan into one easy monthly repayment for your debt consolidation loan.

Once you know you are considerably reducing your total amount of debt, the Christmas season will be much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Credit card consolidation is often one of the most popular reasons for a debt consolidation loan. The Australian Lending Centre is committed to helping you find a fast and easy solution to your problems with credit card debt. Consolidation loans are perfect for those who need to consolidate credit card debt, personal loans and home loans as they can drastically reduce the amount of interest you pay to service each debt.

To find out how a debt consolidation loan can relieve you of your debt spiral contact us today on 1300 138 188, alternatively fill in an enquiry form to the right and a debt consolidation specialist will contact you shortly.

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