It’s very common for people to save feverishly throughout the year with sights set on Christmas and the holiday shopping season.  However, every year as the sales get sweeter and sweeter and people want more – the debt and spending seem to sky rocket at Christmas and then they spend the next few months struggling to repay that debt.  Australian credit card data from last Christmas states that Australians spent over $22 billion on Christmas.

The Australian Retailers’ Association expects that this figure will continue to rise each holiday.  With this enormous amount being charged to credit cards with high interest rates, the amount of money being thrown away is outrageous.

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

If you are a part of this credit card debt, there are various ways to recover and plan for future healthy spending habits.  An easy way to pull all your debt together into one easy payment with a lower interest rate is through a debt consolidation loan.

At Australian Lending Centre, we specialise in debt consolidation and can show you how tocombine all of your debt including, credit card debt, car loan, home loan and personal loans into one simple repayment per week, fortnight or month.  By combing all the debt you could save thousands in interest and also pay off the debt much quicker.

Once you consolidate your debt and you know your total debt is under control, the Christmas season won’t be so daunting and will be an even more enjoyable holiday!

One of the most popular reasons for a debt consolidation loan is credit card consolidation.  At the Australian Lending Centre finding a fast and easy solution to your problems associated with credit card debt is one of our priorities.

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