Probably the most substantial financial commitment you will make is your home loan. This section of our blog outlines a range of tips, techniques and tricks regarding your home loan. It’s important to be informed when it comes to home loans, as there are a plethora of products out there to help you buy a home. It’s important to have resources and people you can trust to help you make the right decision. When you are looking into home loans you need to ensure it is a perfect. This applies for short and longer term options. Australian Lending Centre is a great place to explored your options.

Top Tips for Buying Property at an Auction

Auctions represent a great way to get the home of your dreams. If you’re lucky, you may even score a great price for it. However, if you’re not experienced in buying a house at an auction, this may turn into a roller coaster ride of hell that you’ll just wish you never got on in […]

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10 Reasons Your Home Loan Was Denied

Most people believe a good life is having that killer home and a stable job. But what happens when you try to apply for a loan and get rejected?  It can become increasingly disheartening to hear the same 9 words –  “we are sorry your home loan application was denied.”

Understanding the reason behind your loan denial […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Alternative Lender?

Following the GFC, banks became very cautious with how they lend their money. They didn’t lend to certain borrowers particularly those with bad credit or small businesses – in the fear that they would not be able to get their credit back. As a result, many businesses fell into bankruptcy because they had no one […]

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What Happens When You Default On Home Equity Loans?

Learn what happens if you don’t pay your home equity loans on time and your options to avoid those consequences.
If the value of your home, or the amount you paid for it, is higher than your first mortgage or the principal, it means that you have equity in your home. You can tap into your […]

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Credit Card Debt and Mortgages Being Managed Properly

This year has been a profitable one for Australians and their credit card debt. According to latest percentages, Aussies seem to be managing much better with their mortgages; their mortgage repayment appears to be going along much better than when compared with the previous year. Reports from the ABS data showed that their credit card […]

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Are You a Victim of High Mortgage Interest Rates?

In recent years, many of us became victims of high mortgage interest rates without even realising. This problem affects mostly the home loans because their term is the longest. But how can you know if you are in such a situation, too?
High Mortgage Interest Rates – Are you a victim?
Verify your current loan

In the case […]

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Fast Track Your Mortgage Repayment

Did you recently check the present status of your home loan and the progress you are making? If not, it is about time you did that. Why? Tracking your mortgage could genuinely help you to save a great amount of money while, at the same time, you can make your mortgage repayment increasingly faster.

This way, […]

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Do Rentals Mean Losing Money?

The general, common saying that living in rentals equals to throwing money away is certainly not new, is it? And at first, it would seem this way. Rental means you don’t buy the house you live in, compared with purchasing a house that, in time, becomes yours eventually. Still, various aspects are often overlooked concerning […]

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Different Home Loans between Different States

About twenty years ago, the average Australian home loan was estimated at the sum of $100,000. Things were different ten years before that when the average home loan was under $40,000. And, at the present moment, the reality shows us different and increasingly higher figures. In order to comprehend the way in which everything changed, […]

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Home Loans – Do’s And Don’ts

Finding suitable home loans for your needs is a tedious task. A lot of people say that purchasing the house you want to live in will be you single greatest expenditure. So it is important, especially to future lenders that they are well prepared in entering in to this kind of. No one likes getting rejected, especially […]

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