Debt management is not as difficult as many people think. At Australian Lending Centre we are the specialists in helping you navigate the confusion and stress of managing your debt. We can negotiate with your creditors and find a way forward for you. It may be a debt consolidation solution. You may need a debt agreement. However you decide to move forward, Australian Lending Centre will be there each step of the way. We support you through the debt management process. The articles in this section articles will give you all the information you need to make an informed choice about how to manage your financial situation.

Credit Card Debt and Mortgages Being Managed Properly

This year has been a profitable one for Australians and their credit card debt. According to latest percentages, Aussies seem to be managing much better with their mortgages; their mortgage repayment appears to be going along much better than when compared with the previous year. Reports from the ABS data showed that their credit card […]

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The Importance of Avoiding Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is that particular legal status of a person, a company or other entity that can no longer repay his or its debts to creditors. Even though some people may affirm that bankruptcy also has a few advantages, the list of disadvantages is definitely much longer. For this reason, you should think of bankruptcy only […]

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How to Adhere to your New Year Resolution to Save Money

Everybody makes New Year resolutions, but most of us fail to stick to them. With every start of a new year, we want to change our lives for the best, but because of lack of proper planning and genuine determination, we only follow the resolutions for a couple of weeks, and afterwards, we completely forget […]

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Many Australians Are Turning to Debt Agreements

Debt agreements are an alternative to declaring bankruptcy. Rather than be haunted by the irreversible effects that bankruptcy can have on your credit record, entering into a debt agreement can give you a debt-free fresh start. They’re becoming the popular choice for Australians in need of debt solutions. Debt agreements are overseen by the Australian […]

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Self Improvement Tips – Learn from Successful People

Self improvement is a continuous process that most successful individuals practice. Success doesn’t happen in just a snap and it doesn’t happen overnight. People work hard for it and how you maintain it is quite challenging. How do they keep the success? Self improvement plays a vital role when achieving to be at the top. […]

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Pay Off Debts and Save for Retirement

Saving up for retirement is one of the things that everyone should pay attention to and take into consideration. Sooner or later, you’ll realise it’s time to stop working and retire. It would be nice to retire if you have sufficient money and don’t have any debts to pay and worry about. Retirement is a […]

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Growing Your Emergency Cash

Everyone should have an emergency cash fund. Having emergency cash available will give you a sense of financial security and it will stop you from running up your credit card bill whenever an unexpected cost springs up. An emergency cash fund should be set aside especially for accidents and emergency car repairs since these can […]

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Efficient debt help for a secure financial future

Getting debt help can be the most important thing to you and your family’s future. Managing your family’s funds now with debt help is a step in the right direction towards setting up a trust fund. Getting the debt you have in order under your mortgage’s interest rate or consolidating the debt into a lower […]

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What is the Impact of Becoming Bankrupt?

Bankruptcy does not last forever. Usually, its protection lasts only a year. During the period, the individual’s financial affairs will be put under restriction. That means there are certain privileges that the bankrupt person may not possibly enjoy even after bankruptcy has been lifted.

Furthermore, being bankrupt is not a guarantee that a person will be totally free from any financial obligation. In many cases, the individual is still required to pay a certain amount to repay debts from creditors following an assessment of current inflow and outflow of income. The repayment scheme under bankruptcy may continue even after the individual is discharged from the provision.

Needless to say, bankruptcy brings about serious implications. Its impact can never be underestimated and overlooked. Aside from the embarrassment and eroded self esteem, an individual can face the greatest setback in his financial aspect. […]

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Dealing with Retirement Debt

To many of us, retirement is the time when we would just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of our hard labor. It is ideal that when retirement age comes, you should just be living comfortably in your retirement house, not thinking of any stress.

But things could be complicated along the way. Before you know it, you could already have accumulated too much debt in your pre-retirement years. By the time you retire, you could still be servicing some or most of those debts. So how should you deal with debt when you get to your retirement age? Here are some ideas.

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