Being Productive – Why Night Owls do it Best

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In the past, night owls were often considered poor employees because their late night lifestyles led to poor productivity in the office during normal office hours. These days, there is another school of thought teaching us that night owls can be the preferred employee for many different reasons. Now that so much work is done on the Internet, and often not from an office at all but at home, employers are beginning to seek out those employees who can be productive on another schedule. There are also several other reasons why night owls are more productive.

Night Owls Are More Productive

Having a burst of energy late at night is an asset for many people. People who stay up later and prefer to do the bulk of their work at the end of their day can utilize that unique trait. While others in business have the bulk of their work done just after waking up, night owls are more productive at the end of their day. Having a workforce with a good balance of high productivity in the morning and then later in the day can be highly beneficial for business owners.

Many successful people are actually night owls. Research shows that highly successful people tend to have unusual sleeping patterns so it is no wonder that people who stay up late are able to focus their energy differently. Barrack Obama has said that he is a night owl and he is not alone.

There is a growing amount of research that is beginning to show that night owls are statistically more intelligent. This will have to be studied more before it can be known as a rule but a study conducted by the London School of Economics and Political Science showed correlations between those who are night owls and those who have higher IQs.

At night there tends to be less distractions and this, or possibly a genetic disposition allows night owls to have better concentration for longer hours. Night owls can be more productive for longer periods of time.

People who have their productive burst later in the day are still able to adjust their sleep schedule and remain productive. Having a person who is considered a night owl on a daytime schedule can still benefit a work environment because that burst of productivity late in the day can be utilized to clear up loose ends at the end of the day.

As the 9 to 5 work day is slowly being phased out of the common work environment, employers should take a new look at those employees that have been categorized as night owls. Being productive outside of normal business hours can put you and your business at an advantage.

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