Banks Competing for Business Loans

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Many of the large banks in Australia are launching new campaigns to encourage their business customers to seek new business loans. Advertising has heated up in the rivalry among the banks with the constant addition of new advertisement in every medium. This has made business loans a very competitive field, making the choice of who to go with very difficult.

To intensify the rivalry, the banks have started adding incentives for a business to bring their loans with promises of up to $20,000 for some. Smaller banks who are struggling to compete with these large promises are trying anything to keep their current customers which include adding fees to businesses trying to leave.

Competitive Business Loans

This new era of business lending is suspected to come in response to the large disappointment among customers in the business loan industry. For some time, the process for securing funds for small and medium businesses has been very difficult and can bring continued disappointment. Due to the inability to provide proper income statements or from being viewed as unstable because you are a new up-and-coming business many of the banks will pass your business by.

There is a solution which allows business owners to get away from the bank wars – fund  your business elsewhere. Australian Lending Centre offers short term business loans for a variety of business situations, from improving cash flow, to paying wages, to funding a business trip or even to purchase new equipment. When a business opportunity presents itself, you don’t have the time to go through the long, strenuous process with a bank – this is where Australian Lending Centre offers a great alternative, that allows you to secure the funds you need quickly and with much less stress.

If you would like assistance in securing funds to expand your business or whatever the need may be, contact Australian Lending Centre. We have business loan consultants available to discuss the options available for you. Call us today on 1300 138 188 to speak with a business loan consultant or alternatively complete the enquiry form on the right and we will contact you.




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