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Lending requirements have always been quite rigid, and for many people this can make it very hard to get a loan.  When you have bad credit or you don’t have all the right documentation, the process of borrowing can be even more stressful. At ALC, we take the stress out of borrowing by accepting customers who don’t tick all the boxes required by a traditional lender.

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A Solution to Smile About

Why Banks Don’t Work

You might assume that going directly to the bank is your best option for securing a loan, but think again. Banks are known for:

  • Excessive credit expectations—ones most consumers and business entrepreneurs can’t meet
  • Reporting your enquiries to your credit file and thus lowering your credit score
  • Rejecting finance applicants with average or good credit files because of just one negative credit file item
  • Rejecting applicants who need assistance preventing foreclosure or paying off overdue bills
  • Charging exceedingly high interest to those with poor credit files
  • Having no access to private lenders or alternative private loan options, meaning you’re stuck with their products only

Banks are notorious for not assisting consumers and business owners in their time of need. Instead, business entrepreneurs and consumers should turn to the services of alternative lending.

Alternative Lending That Works

Whether you have a pile of credit card bills or a mortgage payment you can’t afford, alternative lenders have more finance options than the average bank. At Australian Lending Centre, we can locate the best personal loans and business loans to save you time, money and unnecessary enquiries on your credit file.
Our specialists can guide you through the entire process, make sure you have the right documentation and only offer you a private loan service that you’ll be approved for. We don’t say no when you need help—instead, we work hard to get you the help you need.

Contact an Australian Lending Centre alternative lending specialist today and take advantage of benefits like:

  • Saving thousands of dollars on unnecessary interest charges on your private loan
  • A specialist who can assess your private loan needs through multiple private lenders to find you a flexible, cost-effective finance option
  • Comparison of hundreds of private lenders and finance options that match your specific financial needs
  • Having an industry expert by your side who can navigate quickly through the private loan industry and get you results ten times faster than a bank officer ever could
  • Having an industry expert who is compassionate and who understands that you need a private loan for more than just paying off debt or getting a more affordable mortgage rate—it’s about peace of mind

Australian Lending Centre is the ideal bank alternative lenders that has thousands of private loan options to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to start a new business venture or simply consolidate debt, let our industry experts find the right alternative lending solutions for you. Contact us today by calling 1300 138 188 now or Enquire now.