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Our Managing Director of Australian Lending Centre, Chris Riotto, has been following the recent actions of the Rudd government who have derived a plan to assist the economic recession in Australia at present.

This involves a $42 billion economic stimulus package which has passed the lower house of parliament after a 15-hour debate went through the night of the 4th of February.

Government Handout

Legislation is due to be passed today, 5th February; however there is little possibility of this happening. It is expected that parliamentary approval will now be delayed until next week after an upper house inquiry was made into the cash handout to be given to nearly nine million Australians.

The Government wanted the bills rushed in order to meet a March/April deadline for making bonus payments of at least $950. The target segment for this payout is those earning under $80,000 a year and in particular, to families with school-age children and farmers.

If you are in this target segment and $950 is not going to see you through your current financial situation or you would like to start clearing some debts before this pay out is due in April, call us here at the Australian Lending Centre for free and impartial information on debt consolidation.

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